Revolution™ Police, Sheriff and Law Enforcement software is produced with the "best product" mindset. Your agency will see immediate results in productivity due to Revolution's simple design. Police and sheriff personnel will enjoy Revolution's icon and drop down driven graphical interface, and find the build in RMS features of each software package invaluable in the field.

Do not be afraid of the word "Custom" when selecting a software solution for your police agency. Wayne Enterprises Inc. is commanded by veteran police officers having more than 50 years of combined sworn experience in law enforcement. We understand that you want software that works, is easy to learn, and is priced low enough to make your city manager happy. Revolution™ provides all three, and more.
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What's New
RAD or Rapid Asset Deployement Software™. i.e. CAD

All software comes with an extensive User's Manual.

Technical Supprt
We provide 24/7 technical support.

Consulting Services
Wayne Enterprises provides consulting services for hardware and software solutions to better your department. We have over 47 years experience in the law enforcement profession.
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Present Ideas
Contact us for new ideas that haven't been created yet. We're willing to help
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