Wayne Enterprises provides consulting services for Law Enforcement agencies of every size. Our low cost consultation service will give your agency perspective in the technology world, which will help you make informed decisions that make sense. We understand the budget constraints any agency may be experiencing, and consultaiton services should be a cost effective solution to getting an comprehensive outside-in assessment.

Even though we design and provide software and hardware technology, our consultants are retired police officers with over 85 years of working, traning and management experience. Wayne Enterprises consultants are here to recognize your technology needs and guide you toward the systems that will work for you. Knowing what your officers and employees want is only part of the package. Our consultants will inspect and analyze your agency from the ground up and provide your employees with the personal connection to make your project transition smoothly. Employee and administrative buy-in is our mission. You can count on Wayne Enterprises Inc. to satisfy the most inquisitive member of your city in regards to your technology needs.


Field Training Evaluations
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Evidence Management
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Event Scheduling
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