Trimble Recon & Nomad
Collecting evidence or capturing signatures are a breaze with the next-generation Trimble PDA's. These rugged handheld computers delivers maximum performance and reliability in a lightweight, extremely rugged design that's easy to carry. Featuring optional embedded Bluetooth and 802.11g wireless, the waterproof Recon weighs just 17 ounces, meets military specifications for drops, vibration, and both high and low temperature operation, and runs Windows Mobile 6.0. The Recon & Nomad works wherever and whenever you need it.

Evidence Management
Track, manage, and inventory your property room for increased accuracy and efficiency...
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Rugged Barcode Scanners
We use only wireless barcode scanners that are easy to use and can take harsh environments...

FTO Evaluation Software
Documenting the training of new officers is serious business. Liability is generally determined by training or the lack of it.