LaserLite Pro

Symbol S9203

Code Reader 3500

Trimble PDA's

LaserLite Pro Barcode Scanner

LaserLite Pro is an exceptionally high-performance wireless data collector that offers a multitude of features. It combines laser bar code reading and Touch Memory button reading with an alphanumeric keypad. The ergonomic design provides one-handed operation for right- or left-handed users, with a direct line of sight from the display to the laser beam to the bar code. The LaserLite Pro uses a base station to upload the data from the scanner.

Symbol S9203 Barcode Scanner

High-performance processor and innovative 100-line rastering omni-directional scan pattern lets you quickly capture bar codes no matter how they are presented. Side-mounted trigger lets operators activate single-line scan mode to read bar code menus or pick lists. Switches easily between handheld and hands-free.

Code Reader 3500 2D Barcode Scanner

The CR3500 offers the next generation in dual-field optics and is the only bar code reader that can read both wide linear and the smallest of 2D bar codes. The optimal focus and field of view indicator of the CR3500 make bar code reading even easier than before.

Trimble PDA 1D & 2D Barcode Scanner

The Trimble PDA barcode scanner uses Windows Mobile and can open possibilities for your data collection needs including capturing signatures. It allows for the collection of data as well as the ability of scanning barcodes in connection with the data collected. The Trimble uses a Socket adapter to scan 2D and 1D barcodes. Prices starts at $1,565.00

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