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Posting events

Monitor Scheduling

Use Revolution Software to offset costs while you manage your special events. Revolution's promotional offering consists of a $5,000 setup fee and $35.00 per event.
With this you get:
  • Revolution Special Event Software Access
  • 24/7 Mission Critical Server Hosting by Revolution
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • All Updates and Upgrades!

  • You schedule your events as usual using Revolution (see below), and we bill you monthly for the events you schedule. You work our $35 per event fee into your event fee and you end up getting the use of the software for nothing! You have no per-license fees or annual tech support fee as they are all built into the $35 per event fee. Doing the math on this offer will show it's true value to you. Over time, the $5,000 setup fee will also be a figment of your imagination. This is a win-win for your agency.
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    Revolution™ Titanium™ v5

    Scheduling police, sheriff or law enforcment personnel to work special events or overtime off-duty assignments, can be extremely time consuming. Calling employees over the phone is exacerbated by having to wait for them to call back.

    Revolution™ makes it simple. You create the parameters of your event indicating the number of employees needed. The system posts your event for scheduling three months in advance of the event date. All of your agency's personnel can log in, view events schedules and sign up using the web-based interface. All you have to do is check on the event to make sure it gets staffed. See.... simple.

    Employees can view and print their event schedule whenever they log in. They can even change their mind over and over, notifying you when that happens.

    When the event is over, you can print the invoice for billing to the event coordinator. Revolution will calculate hours worked, rate of pay for each individual employee and add any administrative fees, based upon your parameters when building the event. Revolution makes management of the event a breeze, and because it is web-based, the management team can log into Revolution from anywhere!

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