Rack Server


We use only name brand servers in rack or stand-alone mounts. Wayne Enterprises Inc. warranties all hardware and software with our annual maintenance contract. Server operating systems include Windows & Linux.

Wayne Enterprises Inc. also offers data management contracts. This allows your agency to have the ability to manage your data efficiently, safely and worry free. Wayne Enterprises will manage your data 24/7 in a guarded and monitored data center complete with fire and smoke detection. Additionally our mission critical servers are constantly powered and backed up with massive UPS battery standby and redundant diesel generators. This assures persistent data availability to your agency.

Our secure data management service allows Law Enforcement Agencies of any size to create their own network, outside thier City or Counties network. This gives your agency total access to your server data, anywere in the world. Your IT department does not have to worry about maintaining your network and it's data, and you do not have to worry about IT locking you out of your network. Your employees will be able to access your network 24/7 from anywhere, if you so choose. This allows you to make the most of your mobile web based software systems.

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